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Welcome to FloridaAquatic.com, the Web Site where those in the Aquatic Plant industry go for aquarium plant and water garden plant information.  The goal of our website is to promote the aquatic plant industry by offering information on all of the varieties of plants we grow from aquarium plants to water garden plants.  Florida Aquatic Nurseries is the largest aquatic plant nursery in the United States producing over 160 varieties of tropical and hardy waterlilies, over 160 varieties of aquarium plants, and over 120 varieties of marginal water garden plants.  With 50 years of experience as an aquatic plant grower and wholesaler, you can count on Florida Aquatic Nurseries to have the highest quality aquarium plants and water garden plants that are all guaranteed to be true to name. For the latest information and photographs on plants for aquariums, please see our Aquarium Plants page. To see the latest information on water garden plants including tropical waterlilies, hardy water lilies, and marginal plants, please visit our Water Garden Plants page.  

***New Aquarium Plants Now Available***

Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg' Echinodorus 'Tanzende Feuerfeder' Echinodorus 'Frans Stoffels' Cyperus helferi

Florida Aquatic Nurseries has added 6 new Aquarium Plants in to our current list. 

Five of the new aquatic plants are available for the first time in the United States aquarium trade. These plants are Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg', Echinodorus 'Kleiner Prinz', Echinodorus 'Tanzende Feuerfeder, Echinodorus 'Vesuvius' and Echinodorus 'Frans Stoffels'.  The fourth plant Cyperus helferi has been available in the US market but not frequently.  All of these aquarium plants will make a great addition to any aquascape and make you the envy of others for having them first.  Click on any of the photos above to view more information on each plant or click here to view the whats new page to see all of the new aquarium plant offerings.

Echinodorus 'Kleiner Prinz'Echinodorus 'Vesuvius'

Featured Aquatic Plant


FAN Purple Hardy Waterlily 2

Florida Aquatic Nurseries Purple Hardy Waterlilies

Nymphae 'Scarlet Flame' Waterlily

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins Best New Tropical Waterlily for the fourth year in a row with Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame'!

Echinodorus 'Vesuvius'

Echinodorus angustifolia 'Vesuvius'

An excitingly unique new Echinodorus that will be a highlight of the aquarium plant trade for years to come

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