Each year Florida Aquatic Nurseries strives to bring new and exciting plants to the market.  This year we have chosen the following plants to add to our water garden production. It is possible that a few more plants will be added at a later date so please check back often. 



N. Black Princess

Black Princess  (Nymphaea)
We are excited to add Black Princess to our list of hardy waterlilies this year.  Black Princess is one of the deepest red varieties on the market today.  This striking plant was hybridized by Perry Slocum.

N. Golden West

Golden West  (Nymphaea)
Golden West is an old hybrid, hybridized by Martin E. Randig in 1936. We added this plant because of its unique color.  It is a medium sized tropical waterlily with mottled new pads maturing to green. It is a very profuse flowering plant with an autumn/pink color. 

N. Jack Wood

Jack Wood (Nymphaea)
Hybridized by John Wood, we are bringing this plant back because of popular demand.  It is still one of the reddest plants on the market today.

N. Caerulea

Nymphaea caerulea   (Nymphaea)
This is a true Nymphaea species plant that is believed to be the sacred lotus of the Nile.  Many references have been made to this plant throughout history and we are glad to add it to our list.

Persian lilac


Persian Lilac   (Nymphaea)
Persian lilac was hybridized by George H. Pring in 1941.  It is a great medium sized plant with green pads and a nice pink flower.



              Compacta Pink Blue Bell

Pink Compacta Blue Bell   (Ruellia brittonia)
This pink flowering form of Blue Bell or Mexican Petunia is a great addition to the marginal area where lower height plants are needed. This tropical marginal plant will add flowers to your pond all season long.


              Zebratail Cattail

Zebratails Cattail   (Typha angustifolia)
Zebratails cattail is one of the most exciting new releases for this season.  It resembles the narrow-leaf cattail in its hardiness and growth form, but has nice yellow stripes through its leaves.  This plant was discovered by Bob Larson at  Lilyblooms Aquatic Gardens and is sure to be a hit. 


                   Sea Wisp Louisiana Iris

Sea Wisp Louisiana Iris   (Irisxlouisiana 'Sea Wisp')
This is an very vigorous iris with a bright blue flower.This plant is being brought back by popular demand


                   Orange Sedge

Orange Sedge   (Carex testacea 'Orange Sedge')
Orange sedge is a great plant to add some color to your ponds during the cooler parts of the year.  This hardy marginal plant will be at its best in Fall when all of the other plants are fading away.

                   Giant Star Grass

Giant Star Grass   (Dichromena latifolia)
This tropical marginal plant is a Florida native and a true eye catcher.  Bright white flowers are held 18 inches above the grassy growth.  This plant blooms all summer long and will grab your attention from quite a distance.



Orange Snowflake (Nymphoides hydrocharioides) 
Orange snowflake is native to Australia and is a real eye catcher with its bright orange flower.  The leaves get rather large for a snowflake with the size being more similar to a lily than a snowflake. The bright orange flower stands out from quite a distance and this is a great new plant for the water gardener that has everything .



             Lemon Bacopa

Lemon Bacopa (Bacopa caroliniana)

Lemon Bacopa is a great oxygenator that grows equally well above the water and below the water.  This native plant also will attract many butterflies if allowed to grow above the water or as a marginal.


             Red Star Ludwigia

Red Star Ludwigia (Ludwigia glandulosa)

This oxygenator has a nice red color that will add something different to the inside of the pond.  It can also grow around the edges of the pond as a marginal if so desired.




Rotala (Rotala rotundifolia)

Rotala will add a nice pinkish red hue to the underwater area of your pond.  This is an excellent grower and provides good shelter for the fish to hide and breed. If allowed to grow above the water you will be rewarded with lots of beautiful pink flowers.





      N. Ultra Violet

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Egeria densa (Anacharis)

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