New Water Garden Plants 2017

Florida Aquatic Nurseries has some new and exciting water garden plants to add for the 2017 season. We are offering four New tropical waterlilies: Nymphaea 'Doris Holt', Nymphaea 'Midnight Serenade', Nymphaea 'Purple Joy', and Nymphaea 'Virginia McLane', one hardy waterlily: Nymphaea 'Miss Siam' and one lotus: Nelumbo 'Red Rosy'.




Patent# PP26530


Introducing New Hardy Waterlily:

Nymphaea 'Miss Siam''

N. Miss Siam 2007 Best New Hardy Waterlily

This exquisite pink hardy waterlily was hybridized by Pairat Songpanich of Thailand.  Brightly colored pink flowers similar to N. 'Mayla' sit atop red new pads to create a stunning plant.


Introducing New Tropical Waterlilies:



Nymphaea 'Doris Holt'

The tropical red viviparous waterlily everyone has been looking for is finally available!  This new release was hybridized by Tom Holt and named after his mother.  A vibrant red flower sits atop nicely mottled pads creating a centerpiece in any water garden.  N. 'Doris Holt' is very similar in appearance to N. 'Queen of Siam' except that the flower is red.



Nymphaea 'Midnight Serenade'

N. Midnight Serenade 2002 Best Medium-Large Tropical Waterlily

We are excited to offer Nymphaea 'Midnight Serenade' for the first time this year.  The award winning tropical waterlily was hybridized by Craig Presnell in 2000.  Bright purple flowers with petaloid centers are the selling point along with nicely mottled pads.  The name is homage to Nymphaea 'Midnight' with similarly shaped flowers. It was the winner of the Banksian Award given by the IWGS in 2002 for best medium tropical waterlily. This is a great well rounded tropical waterlily with all of the attributes to make it your new favorite in the water garden. 


Nymphaea 'Purple Joy'

N. 'Purple Joy' is a uniquely colored tropical viviparous waterlily that was hybridized by Ao Weerada of Thailand.  A mostly white flower with purple tips sits atop green pads.  Easy to grow and easy to reproduce as new plants grow right out of existing pads.


Nymphaea 'Virginia Mclane'

N. Virginia McLane 2008 2nd Best New Tropical Waterlily

Nymphaea 'Virginia McLane' has vibrant deep red colored flower with egg shaped mottled maroon pads. This waterlily was named after the wife of the founder of Florida Aquatic Nurseries William McLane. Nymphaea 'Virginia McLane' was hybridized by Florida Aquatic Nurseries in 2006 and it was voted the Second Best Tropical Waterlily in the 2008 International Waterlily and Water Garden Society's Annual Waterlily Contest. 


Introducing a New Lotus Tuber:

Nelumbo 'Red Rosy'

This beautiful lotus has dark green leaves and produces multi-petal red flowers. The buds bloom peeking out from around the leaves giving cheerful color and elegance. This medium-large lotus is the right choice this season. 


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Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' - Plum Crazy Tropical Waterlily

Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy'

Best New Waterlily of 2013

FAN Purple Hardy Waterlily 2

The Elusive Purple Hardy Waterlily

Nymphaea Scarlet Flame Waterlily

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins

Best New Tropical Waterlily

for the fourth year in a row with Nymphaea "Scarlet Flame'

Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist' Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins Best New Tropical Waterlily for the third year in a row with Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist'


FAN Hybrid 1508

Florida Aquatic Nurseries 2008 Future Waterlily Hybrids.  Click here to see them

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