New Water Garden Plants 2016
Florida Aquatic Nurseries has some new and exciting water garden plants to add for the 2016 season. We are offering three new tropical waterlilies Nymphaea 'Morada Bay', Nymphaea 'Betty Lou' and Nymphaea 'Valentine'.  In addition, there are twelve new marginal plants 6 Taros & 6 Louisiana Irises.  The new Taros are Black Coral, White Lava, Elena, Thailand Giant, and Tea Cup. The new Irises are Ann Chowning, Fortune Finder, Red Velvet Elvis, Full Eclipse, and Peaches & Wine.  These varieties, although not new to the market, are all very colorful with large, long lasting flowers. Lastly, for the very first time we are proud to introduce five bare root lotuses. These are full grown plants with roots and leaves. All of these lilies, marginals, and lotuses are great new additions and very different from the varieties that we presently offer.




FAN Purple Hardy Waterlily 2




Introducing New Tropical Waterlilies:

Nymphaea Morada Bay

Nymphaea 'Morada Bay'

We are excited to add this new award winning hybrid to our price list this year. It was hybridized here at Florida Aquatic Nurseries in 2012 and has been through our rigorous testing procedures. N. ‘Morada Bay’ has all the right attributes- compact, a vigorous grower, a prolific bloomer, and a deep purple flower color. The IWGS judges were so impressed with it, they awarded it Second Place Tropical Waterlily in the 2014 New Waterlily Competition.  N. ‘Morada Bay’ has a uniquely  mottled pad with three different colors appearing at one time.  It presents a vibrant deep purple flower that is reminiscent of a Dahlia in shape.  This is a medium sized waterlily that would be a great addition to any pond.

Nymphaea Betty Lou

Nymphaea 'Betty Lou'

Rich Sacher’s new hybrid N. ‘Betty Lou’ is a cross between and Australian waterlily (N. immutabulis) and a tropical waterlily (N. colorata).  This allowed Rich to combine the best traits from both sides of the parentage; wonderful flower color and shape of the Australian lily and the ease of growth with a more compact nature of the tropical lily.  N. ‘Betty Lou’ was hybridized by Rich Sacher of American Aquatic Gardens and named in honor of his sister. Rich has chosen FAN to grow and introduce his new hybrid to the trade, a fact that we are quite proud of!  N. ‘Betty Lou’ would be considered a large sized tropical waterlily but much easier to grow than a traditional Australian lily.

Nymphaea 'Valentine'

We are excited to add this new  award winning hybrid to our price list this year. N. ‘Valentine’ was hybridized here at Florida Aquatic Nurseries and has all the qualities needed to pass our scrutiny. It is unique, a vigorous grower and a prolific bloomer. It has a unique reddish pink flower with lively, mottled pads. The flower shape and petal count is similar to N. ‘Bull’s Eye’ with the addition of nicely colored pads.  The judges were impressed with it and awarded N. ‘Valentine’ Second Place Tropical Waterlily in the new waterlily Competition hosted by the IWGS in 2011. N. ‘Valentine’ is a great medium sized tropical that will grab your attention in any water garden.

FAN Purple Hardy Waterlily 2

Nymphaea 'Purple Fantasy'

The dream has been realized, the award winning N. 'Purple Fantasy' is a reality! The first ever dark purple hardy waterlily was hybridized by FAN and was released to the market last year, 2015 (Patent pending). N. 'Purple Fantasy' won best in its class and 2nd best overall in the 2013 IWGS Best new Waterlily Competition held in Denver last year. N. 'Purple Fantasy' is a real performer with numerous blooms on any given day. The deep purple flowers against the dark green pads make for a real eye catcher and will be the talking point of any pond. In the past only Tropical lilies exhibited this purple color and tropical lilies must be replanted every year. Not so with Purple Fantasy! Having over wintered at Denver Botanic Gardens, Purple Fantasy will liven up your pond from year to year.

Introducing New Bare Root Lotuses:

We are proud to offer this coming year four varieties of bare root Lotuses. These new lotuses are all actively growing plants with roots and leaves. The Lotus will be shipped without soil to save cost on freight. We will only have a limited quantity of each variety so get them while supplies last!


                            Mrs. Perry D Slocum                                Lutea Lotus

Bare root lotus

Mrs. Perry D Slocum- Bare root lotus

Mrs. Perry D Slocum exhibits a gorgeous large double bloom which opens deep pink, changing to pink with yellow, and then finally to yellow. This lotus is very popular for any pond and exudes a pleasant fragrance. Once matured the plants grows to 4-5ft with 9-12" blooms.

Green Maiden - Bare root lotus

Green Maiden is an ivory Chinese bowl lotus with deep pink margins and veins. Each flower is stunning and flawless. This miniature plant once matured grows to 2 to 3 feet with 4" to 5" blooms.

Bali Red - Bare root lotus

Bali Red is a uniquely beautiful lotus that has dark red flowers. This lotus was collected in the Bali area and unlike other lotus varieties, the plant will flower longer in cooler weather.

Holy Fire- Bare root lotus

Holy Fire has a heavy double bloom with red flowers and a golden stamen. It holds color for four days. Blooms span about 7 inches in diameter. This plant can grow to 1-3 feet tall blooms all summer long.

Lutea - Bare root lotus

Displaying a brilliant yellow flower, N. Lutea is also known as the American Lotus. The large green pads of this plant stand above the water. At maturity, the height is 12 to 24 inches above water.

Introducing New Marginals:

Colocasia 'Black Coral'

'Black Coral' is an exciting new dark black leafed taro with a glossy finish. 'Black Coral' definitely stands out among the other plants because of the glossy sheen to the leaves. 


Colocasia 'White Lava'

'White Lava' is a great new variety with a white center and venation on a green leaf. This is a medium to large sized Colocasia and will give you new color to add to your water garden.

Colocasia 'Elena'

Colocasia 'Elena' has bright chartreuse colored leaves that stand out in any water garden.  This is a fast growing plant with a pink colored center in the leaf.

Colocasia esculenta 'Thailand Giant'

‘Thailand Giant’ is a plant for the water gardener who wants a true showpiece, or a tropical feel.  This plant gets to a enormous size, with its bright green leaves measuring up to 4 feet long and 3 feet wide.  You definitely will need to have a tremendous amount of space, but you will be the talk of the town with a ‘Thailand Giant’ taro in your pond.


Colocasia 'Tea Cup'

‘Tea Cup’ is a unique Colocasia hybrid with upturned leaves.  The leaves act as a cup in a rain shower and when they become full spill over creating a unique effect in the water garden.

Iris 'Ann Chowning'

This year we will be selling this wonderful red Louisiana Iris ‘Ann Chowning’.  A popular variety in the industry, the red color shows off in any pond

Iris 'Fortune Finder'

Iris ‘Fortune Finder’ is a very full, bright yellow flower.  This Louisiana iris is a prolific bloomer with good branching and lots of buds.

Iris 'Red Velvet Else'

The flowers of ‘Red Velvet Elvis’ live up to the name and so have a velvety texture.  The deep burgundy red color of this Louisiana iris will compliment any water garden.

Iris 'Full Eclipse'

Iris 'Full Eclipse' has a deep purple flower similar in color to ‘Black Gamecock’ but with a larger flower and a more prolific bloomer. 

Iris 'Peaches and Wine'

Iris 'Peaches and Wine' has a striking red/pink bicolor flower. This was The Mary Swords Debaillon Award winner in 2006, which is the highest honor awarded by the American Iris Society.





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Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' - Plum Crazy Tropical Waterlily

Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy'

Best New Waterlily of 2013

FAN Purple Hardy Waterlily 2

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Nymphaea Scarlet Flame Waterlily

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins

Best New Tropical Waterlily

for the fourth year in a row with Nymphaea "Scarlet Flame'

Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist' Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins Best New Tropical Waterlily for the third year in a row with Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist'

Nymphaea 'Tanzanite'

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins Best New Waterlily for 2009 with Nymphaea 'Tanzanite'.  for the second year in a row Florida Aquatic Nurseries has taken top honors at the IWGS annual competition.

N. Ultra Violet

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins first place for best new waterlily in 2008.  For the full article and pictures                

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   Nymphaea Southern Charm

N. 'Southern Charm' Voted Second Place In People's Choice Award Water Lily Competition 2007
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