New Water Garden Plants 2014
Florida Aquatic Nurseries has many several new water garden plants to add for the 2014 season.  Florida Aquatic Nurseries is offering three new tropical waterlilies, Nymphaea 'Coral Sky', Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame', and Nymphaea 'Tropic Punch'.  We are also adding two new hardy marginal plants, Carex elata 'Aurea' and Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides 'Crystal Confetti'.  You can also notice on the price list that we will be bringing back a few older plant varieties like the tropical marginal Red Stemmed Thalia (Thalia geniculata 'ruminoides').

N. Black Princess

Black Princess  (Nymphaea)
We are excited to add Black Princess to our list of hardy waterlilies this year.  Black Princess is one of the deepest red waterlily varieties on the market still to this day.  This striking plant was hybridized by Perry Slocum.

Tropical Waterlily Nymphaea Coral Sky

Nymphaea 'Coral Sky'

N. 'Coral Sky' is a great new tropical waterlily.  Coral Sky is unique because of its flower color. At first glance the waterlily's flower looks pink but on closer inspection the color is more autumn than pink. The large waterlily flower stands tall and grabs your eye from quite a distance.  Coral Sky's flower is very full with 40 plus, wide petals. The waterlily is vigorous and compact which allows it to fit in any size water garden.  The pads of Nymphaea 'Coral Sky' are also quite stunning with lively maroon mottling on an olive green lily pad.


Tropical Waterlily Nymphaea Scarlet Flame

Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame'

Best New Tropical Waterlily 2011

First Place People's Choice Award 2011

Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' is an exciting new red tropical waterlily with an outstanding flower. The most unique characteristic of 'Scarlet Flame' is the amount of petals in its flower making it resemble a Dahlia or Zinnia flower. The closest waterlily to compare this to is Nymphaea 'King of Siam', but unlike 'King of Siam' the flower petals don't melt in the hot sun. Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' was entered in the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society's New Waterlily Contest in 2011 and came away with honors for the Best New Tropical Waterlily. Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' will be a show piece in any waterlily or pond.


Tropical Waterlily Nymphaea Tropic Punch

Nymphaea 'Tropic Punch'

2012 IWGS Best New Waterlily Overall

2012 IWGS Best New Tropical Waterlily

2012 IWC and WWALA First Place Waterlily Overall

2012 IWC and WWALA First Place Tropical Waterlily

We are excited to be able to bring the award winning tropical waterlily Nymphaea 'Tropic Punch' to the market so rapidly. Topic Punch excels with its very large red flower held high above a strikingly striped lily pad.  The flower is unlike any other tropical waterlily flower on the market today with its unique shape.  It has over 130 actual petals!  Tropic Punch is a great medium sized tropical waterlily that will fit into any pond or water garden.  No matter where you live this will be a stand out waterlily for years to come!

Hardy Marginal Plant Bowles Golden Sedge

Carex elata 'Aurea'

Bowles Golden Sedge

Striking golden yellow foliage adorns this lower growing marginal.  Reaching up to 24 inches in height, Bowles Golden Sedge makes for a great marginal plant to soften the edges of a pond or water garden.  Bowles Golden Sedge can also be used to highlight an area because of its vibrant color. Bowles Golden Sedge is hardy to zone 6a and should be planted in shallow water along the edge of the water garden.

Hardy Marginal Plant Variegated Pennywort

Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides 'Crystal Confetti'

Variegated Pennywort

Variegated Pennywort is an excellent hardy marginal plant where a low height is needed.  Whether you are making a transition from taller material down to the water or using it as a trailing plant for a container water garden the brightly colored leaves and low, trailing growth habit make this an excellent choice.  Crystal Confetti pennywort is hardy to zone 5a and will work in all sizes of water gardens.  You can even use this in a fishbowl as a centerpiece for your patio table.

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Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist' Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins Best New Tropical Waterlily for the third year in a row with Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist'

Nymphaea 'Tanzanite'

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins Best New Waterlily for 2009 with Nymphaea 'Tanzanite'.  for the second year in a row Florida Aquatic Nurseries has taken top honors at the IWGS annual competition.

N. Ultra Violet

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins first place for best new waterlily in 2008.  For the full article and pictures                

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FAN Hybrid 1508

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   Nymphaea Southern Charm

N. 'Southern Charm' Voted Second Place In People's Choice Award Water Lily Competition 2007
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N. Miami Rose

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