New Water Garden Plants 2018

Florida Aquatic Nurseries has some new and exciting water garden plants to add for the 2018 season. We are offering one hardy waterlily: Nymphaea 'Siam Purple 2', two new tropical waterlilies: Nymphaea 'Doris Holt', Nymphaea 'Purple Joy', one hardy marginal plant: Fantastic Arrowhead, and one tropical marginal plant: Red Striped Banana.




Patent# PP26530


Introducing New Hardy Waterlily:

Nymphaea 'Siam Purple 2'

Nymphaea 'Siam Purple 2'

This beautiful purple waterlily was hybridized by Pairat Songpanich of Thailand. Nymphaea 'Siam Purple 2' was one of the first purple hardy waterlilies created.  A cross between a tropical and a hardy waterlily 'Siam Purple 2' is winter hardy and good grower and flowerer.  The color is a very light purple with a nice cup shape.  Preorders only.  Supplies are very limited so get your order in early.


Introducing New Tropical Waterlilies:

Nymphaea 'Doris Holt'

The tropical red viviparous waterlily everyone has been looking for is finally available!  This new release was hybridized by Tom Holt and named after his mother.  A vibrant red flower sits atop nicely mottled pads creating a centerpiece in any water garden.  N. 'Doris Holt' is very similar in appearance to N. 'Queen of Siam' except that the flower is red.


Nymphaea 'Purple Joy'

N. 'Purple Joy' is a uniquely colored tropical viviparous waterlily that was hybridized by Ao Weerada of Thailand.  A mostly white flower with purple tips sits atop green pads.  Easy to grow and easy to reproduce as new plants grow right out of existing pads.


Introducing a New Hardy Marginal Plant:

Saggitaria latifolia 'Fantastic'

Sagittaria latifolia 'Fantastic'

Fantastic Arrowhead is a great new color on one of our most popular hardy marginal plants.  Wide arrowhead shaped leaves are splashed with creamy yellow markings allowing for some additional colors in your water garden. We discovered this variegated form of Saggitaria latifolia here at Florida Aquatic Nurseries and have spent many years selecting and reproducing it to end up with this beautiful new plant.  Do not try and reproduce by seed as the colors will only keep with vegetative propagation.


Introducing a New Tropical Marginal Plant:

Picture Coming Soon

Musa 'Zebrina Rojo'

Red Striped Banana is a great addition to any water feature to give it the lush, tropical appeal.  Large red and green striped leaves will adorn this plant throughout the summer growing season.  For those that live in the tropics you can continue to grow this plant year round, but if you live in other regions you will either have to bring it indoors for the winter or start fresh next season.


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Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' - Plum Crazy Tropical Waterlily

Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy'

Best New Waterlily of 2013

FAN Purple Hardy Waterlily 2

The Elusive Purple Hardy Waterlily

Nymphaea Scarlet Flame Waterlily

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins

Best New Tropical Waterlily

for the fourth year in a row with Nymphaea "Scarlet Flame'

Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist' Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins Best New Tropical Waterlily for the third year in a row with Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist'

Nymphaea 'Tanzanite'

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins Best New Waterlily for 2009 with Nymphaea 'Tanzanite'.  for the second year in a row Florida Aquatic Nurseries has taken top honors at the IWGS annual competition.

N. Ultra Violet

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins Best New Waterlily for 2008 with Nymphaea 'Ultra Violet'.  Click to read more

FAN Hybrid 1508

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Nymphaea Southern Charm

Nymphaea Southern Charm Voted 2nd Place in Peoples Choice Competition 2007

N. Miami Rose

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