Nymphaea 'Moon Dance'

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Moon Dance

Nymphaea x 'Moon Dance'

Hardy Waterlily




Florida Aquatic Nurseries 1996

N. Moon Dance whole plant

N. Moon Dance


Nymphaea 'Moondance' won the best new medium or large hardy waterlily category in The IWGS New Waterlily competition in 2001.
Nymphaea 'Moondance' has an interesting history. Walter Pagels and the late Paul Stetson would come by to visit once a year. On their visit in 1999 my brother Bruce and I volunteered to take them to Lake Okeechobee in search of natural waterlily hybrids between Nymphaea odorata and Nymphaea mexicana, both of which have large natural colonies in parts of the Lake. We found several that day, one of which was Nymphaea 'Moondance'
Nymphaea 'Moondance' is unique because of it's extremely large creamy white flowers that are held high above the water. It's pads are lightly flecked in a unique way. This is a large lily that blooms profusely for a hardy waterlily.

N. Moon Dance flower 1st day
N. Moon Dance 1st day flower

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