Nymphaea 'Innocence'

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Nymphaea x 'Innocence'

Tropical Waterlily


Green with purple mottling



Florida Aquatic Nurseries 2001

N. Innocence whole plant

N. Innocence


Nymphaea 'Innocence' is a stunning tropical waterlily.  It was given the name because of the pure white color of it's flower.  Nymphaea 'Innocence' was hybridized in 2001 by Florida Aquatic Nurseries and released to the trade in 2004. The cross was made between an unnamed tropical waterlily hybrid and Nymphaea 'Trail Blazer'.  Interestingly enough the waterlily came from the same seed pod as Nymphaea 'Carla's Sonshine'.
This waterlily is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it is a strongly viviparous white lily with heavily mottled leaves. Most important is the uniquely large, pure white flower that stands high above the water on an extremely robust stalk. The pads are beautifully mottled with heavy maroon blotches on a green background.

N. Innocence flower 1st day
N. Innocence flower 1st day

N. Innocence flower 2nd day
N. Innocence flower 2nd day

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