Nymphaea 'Blue Spider'

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Blue Spider

Nymphaea x 'Blue Spider'

Tropical Waterlily


Green with maroon flecking


Florida Aquatic Nurseries 1994

N. Blue Spider whole plant

N. Blue Spider


Nymphaea 'Blue Spider' got it's name from the pattern of mottling on the leaf. It has a spider web appearance with red streaks across the green pad.
Nymphaea 'Blue Spider' was a chance seedling and was released to the trade in 1995, our first original hybrid. This tropical waterlily is still very popular in the industry today.
Nymphaea 'Blue Spider' is unique because of the unusual mottling on the pads.

N. Blue Spider flower 1st day

N. Blue Spider flower 1st day

N. Blue Spider flower 2nd day
Blue Spider flower 2nd day

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