N. Blue Daisy

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Blue Daisy

Nymphaea x 'Blue Daisy'



Red with maroon flecking and green splotches

Blue Daisy


Nymphaea 'Blue Daisy' got its name from it's likeness to a daisy flower. The numerous long slender petals with the yellow center reminded us of a daisy flower.
The tropical waterlily was a chance seedling released to the market in 1998.  Nymphaea 'Blue Daisy' is unique because of the numerous long slender petals that number 50 or more when mature. The egg shaped leaf also has unique mottling with a multi coloring effect. The color varies from green to light maroon to dark maroon giving the leaf a unique look.


Blue Daisy 1st day flower

Blue Daisy 2nd day flower

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