Each year Florida Aquatic Nurseries strives to bring new and exciting plants to the market.  This year we have chosen the following plants to add to our water garden production list.  There could possibly be a few more added at a later date so you will have to check back and see how they work out.  Also, we are preparing a sneek preview for some of our exciting tropical waterlily hybrids that will debut in the next few years.  These are a few in the picture to the right.

Florida Aquatic Nurseries 2007 Waterlily Hybrid Selection Tank


Nymphaea 'Lindsey Woods'

Lindsey Woods  (Nymphaea)
We are excited to add Lindsey Woods to our list of tropical waterlilies this year. Lindsey Woods (which was hybridized by Rolf Nelson from Nelson Water Gardens), has become a mainstay in the industry. Lindsey Woods has a deep purple flower with green viviparous pads.

Nymphaea 'Blink'

Blink  (Nymphaea)
JW Meeks came up with a real winner when he hybridized this tropical waterlily. The delicate flower color is a mix of white, pink and blue and these colors appear to change in the blink of an eye.

Nymphaea 'Bernice Ikins'

Bernice Ikins (Nymphaea)
Hybridized by Kirk Strawn this hardy waterlily has a striking reddish pink flower that is a real eye catcher. Complimented by reddish green leaves this medium size plant fits nicely into any size pond.

Nymphaea 'Denver's Delight'

Denver’s Delight  (Nymphaea)
Discovered and introduced by Joe Tomocik at Denver Botanic Gardens. This hardy waterlily has prolific delicate pink blossoms.

Nymphaea 'Barbara Barnette'

Barbara Barnette  (Nymphaea)
One of our old tropical waterlily hybrids is back by popular demand. This unique tropical plant has autumn colored flowers and heavily mottled leaves. This medium size lily will be a good addition any size pond.


Larp Prasert  (Nymphaea)
This is a beautiful red flowering waterlily intorduced from Thailand.  It is currently one of the deepest red tropical waterlilies on the market.  The pads are bright green which adds great contrast to the deep red flower.


Orange Snowflake  (Nymphoides hydrocharioides)
Orange Snowflake is very different from the other members of the Nymphoides family with its bright orange flower. It also becomes a much larger plant, similar in size to a tropical waterlily, with pads up to 6" or more in diameter. 

Red Plantain (Plantago major rubrifolia)

Red Plantain  (Plantago major rubrifolia)
The burgundy colored leaves and compact nature of this hardy marginal plant are a nice compliment to the mostly green foliage of most water garden plants.

Leather Fern (Acrostichum danaefolium)

Leather Fern  (Acrostichum danaefolium)
Native to the Florida marshes this  tropical marginal fern is very decorative. Sporting green fronds up to 5 feet in height this plant adds a uniquely tropical look to the edge of any pond.

Variegated Society Garlic (Thulbaghia violaceae 'variegata')

Variegated Society Garlic  (Thulbaghia violacea 'variegata')
This tropical marginal plant has variegated leaves and tall lilac-pink flowers. It is much more decorative than the green society garlic.


Red Bog Lily (Crinum 'Menehune') 
This tropical marginal plant is a real winner.  It has beautiful wine red foliage and a bright pink flower in the summer that compliments the foliage.  It is a small variety of Crinum not getting much taller than 30 inches.  The striking foliage colors and beautiful flowers makes this plant a must have for every water garden.





 Nymphaea Southern Charm

N. ‘Southern Charm’ Voted Second Place In People's Choice Award Water Lily Competition 
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Egeria densa (Anacharis)

The City of Chicago Outlaws Egeria densa AKA Anacharis

By Brad McLane and
Dr. David Sutton
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