Ruellia brittoniana

Common Name:

Scientific Name:

Flower Color:

Leaf color:


Hardiness Zone:                  

Native To:

Available As:

Mexican Petunia Blue Bells

Ruellia brittoniana

Bluish Purple


4 feet

8 - 10


2" or 4" pots

ruellia brittoniana


Ruellia brittoniana is an excellent tropical marginal plant for the water garden.  It constantly flowers throughout the summer with bluish purple colored blooms.  Also known as Mexican petunia this plant can tolerate a wide variety of conditions from sun to shade and wet feet to normal landscape applications.  Placement in the pond should be around the edge with the surface of the soil area being close to or even with the surface of the water.  Colorful flowers will adorn this marginal plant growing up to 3 feet or more in height all summer long.  Don't be afraid to plant this outside of your pond as a border plant if you run out of room in the pond or water garden also.


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