Echinodorus cordifolius 'Marble Queen'

Common Name:

Scientific Name:

Flower Color:

Leaf color:


Hardiness Zone:                  

Native To:

Available As:

Marble Queen Radican

Echinodorus cordifolius 'Marble Queen'


Green and White

2 feet

5b - 11


2" or 4" pots

Marble Queen Radican


Echinodrus cordifolius 'Marble Queen' is great marginal plant to add some different leaf color to your pond or water feature.  More commonly known as Marble Queen Radican this tropical marginal plant will grow throughout the summer months in your pond.  White flowers on long spikes will also add some interest.  The most exciting fact about the Marble Queen Radican as a pond plant is that it can be planted around the edges of a water feature or fully submersed in the pond to add bright colors underwater. Having such a wide range of planting possibilities with striking foliage should make this one of the most popular tropical marginal plants around.

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