Cyperus percamenthus

Common Name:

Scientific Name:

Flower Color:

Leaf color:


Hardiness Zone:                  

Native To:

Available As:

Dwarf Giant Papyrus, King Tut Papyrus

Cyperus percamenthus



24 inches

9 - 11


2" or 4" pots


Cyperus percamenthus, also known as King Tut papyrus and Dwarf giant papyrus, is an excellent tropical marginal plant.  It is able to give you the look of giant papyrus, but with a much smaller maximum height that is easier to maintain for smaller water features.  One of the most popular plants in the water garden industry, Dwarf Giant papyrus is very easy to maintain. There are several different names in the trade adding for a bit of confusion, but just ask for dwarf giant papyrus and you will get the plant you want.

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