Waterlily Hybrids On the Horizon


2007 was probably the most ambitious and prolific year of waterlily hybridizing in the history of Florida Aquatic Nurseries. Time will tell whether it's our most successful year. After some interesting waterlily creations in 06 we really went after some new waterlily flower colors in our 07 work. From the thousands of waterlily seedlings, we planted out well over 100 new seedlings of interest and saved at least 50 that were too nice to discard, whether for more hybridizing or potential new release after more testing.
Most importantly we came up with what we believe to be several new colors of waterlily flowers. One of those new colors is a deep violet red, even darker red than Nymphaea 'Larp Prasert' which is believed to be the deepest red on the market today. This is seen in in waterlily hybrids 5707 and 107 below.
Another new color is the deep dark purple that is darker than Nymphaea 'Director Moore'. This color is seen in waterlily hybrids 4107,4207 and 5807 as well as several other plants that we are testing further.
The third new color is seen in waterlily hybrids 5606 and 5306 and is an apricot color. It is significantly different color than N. 'Albert Greenberg' and we believe new to Tropical Waterlilies.
The first 5 waterlilies listed below are being sent to the IWGS new waterlily competition this year. These are not necessarily our favorites but are plants that appear to have a future AND that we have sufficient stock to start in production.
N. 'Bulls Eye' (Hybrid 5707) 

The flower color is the real eye-catcher on this lily. The red color is deeper or more of a true red than any lily on the market today. This flower will catch your eye from quite a distance away. Set on a vigorous, compact plant with solid green pads we expect this lily will be well received.
The closest comparison with N. 'Bulls Eye' would be N. 'Jack Wood' however the flower color of N. 'Bulls Eye' is much darker than N. 'Jack Wood' and the flower has many more petals, up to 50 when mature.
Nymphaea 'Virginia McLane' (Hybrid 107) 

Nymphaea 'Virginia McLane' exhibits a very similar flower color to N. 'Bulls Eye' however the pads are quite different. The flower color is deep red in color. The waterlily pads are egg shaped and are somewhat similar is size and coloring to Nymphaea 'William McLane'. That is they are heavily mottled maroon with various splashes of the color green mixed in. This is a wonderful tropical waterlily and sure to be a hit
Hybrid 4207

Tropical waterlily hybrid 4207 is unique because it exhibits a beautiful dark purple flower that stand out among other waterlilies. The color is deeper purple that Director Moore, the darkest of all waterlilies on the market today. The waterlily is vigorous and compact and exhibits round leaves with heavy mottling. 
Nymphaea 'Ultra Violet' (Hybrid 4107)

Nymphaea 'Ultra Violet' is unique because it's flowers are deep purple, darker than Director Moore, the darkest purple waterlily on the market today. The tropical waterlily flower stands tall and consist of 50 plus petals which gives it the unique fullness. The waterlily pads are maroon color with slight splashes of lighter red.
Nymphaea 'Coral Sky' (Hybrid 5606)

Tropical waterlily nymphaea 'Coral Sky' is unique because of the flower color of this tropical waterlily. At first glance it looks pink but on closer inspection the color is more autumn than pink. The large waterlily flower stands tall and is very full with 40 plus petals. The waterlily is vigorous and compact and has lively mottled leaves.
Hybrid 5807

This tropical waterlily hybrid is unique because of it's extremely dark flower color, certainly the darkest purple waterlily on the market today. The waterlily flower stands tall on a robust stalk and exhibits 50 plus petals. The leaves are round and solid green. We used this waterlily as a parent for many crosses that will be available in the years to come.


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