Florida Aquatic Nurseries' Waterlily Hybrids

Florida Aquatic Nurseries is one of the leading waterlily hybridizers in the world.  Florida Aquatic Nurseries released it's first tropical waterlily hybrid in 1995, Nymphaea 'Blue Spider'. The tropical waterlily was a chance seedling  with a bright blue flower held high above the water.  Its most unique characteristic might were the pads, bright green with maroon streaking, resembling a spider web pattern.  A vigorous grower, prolific bloomer and aesthetically pleasing, this waterlily was quite a success. This success stimulated our interest in taking things further and becoming a more active hybridizer. Actively looking through our production area for interesting chance seedlings was the next step, and several new waterlily hybrids were found by this means.  Finally, crossing plants deliberately was perfected which allowed for creating unthought of possibilities like a viviparous yellow tropical waterlily (Nymphaea 'Carla's Sonshine').

Since that first unique waterlily hybrid was released, Florida Aquatic Nurseries has released many more waterlily hybrids to the market, several of which were award winning. Florida Aquatic Nurseries has won the coveted hybridizer award for Best New Tropical Waterlily four years in a row 2009-2011.  Two of the years our waterlily hybrids Nymphaea 'Tanzanite' and Nymphaea 'Ultra Violet', won best new waterlily overall.  The annual contest is put on by the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society and entries come from around the world. 
Nymphaea 'Barbara Barnette'

Barbara Barnette was The President of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta in 1997 when Denver Botanic Gardens held the IWGS New Waterlily competition. She was visiting the Gardens and fell in love with one of the tropical waterlilies we entered into the competition. Joe Tomocik suggested that we name the waterlily after her which we did.
This tropical waterlily was a chance seedling with one of the parents being Albert Greenberg. 
The characteristic that makes this waterlily unique is the fact that the foliage is different from any other autumn shade lily on the market. The foliage is heavily mottled with maroon streaks running throughout the pads.

Tropical Waterlily Barbara Barnette

Nymphaea Bimini Twist

Best New Tropical Waterlily 2010

Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist' is an exciting new tropical waterlily hybrid that creates a new unique look with an abundance of petalloid stamens making for an exceptionally full flower. This tropical waterlily also has the benefit of vividly mottled pads that are green with purple splashes. This gives 'Bimini Twist' a striking appearance even if there are no flowers. Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist was entered in the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society's new waterlily competition in 2010 and came away with the honors of Best New Tropical Waterlily. Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist' should be available in 2013 for sales.
Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist' Waterlily
Nymphaea 'Blue Daisy'

Nymphaea 'Blue Daisy' got its name from it's likeness to a daisy flower. The numerous long slender petals with the yellow center reminded us of a daisy flower.
The tropical waterlily was a chance seedling released to the market in 1998.  Nymphaea 'Blue Daisy' is unique because of the numerous long slender petals that number 50 or more when mature. The egg shaped leaf also has unique mottling with a multi coloring effect. The color varies from green to light maroon to dark maroon giving the leaf a unique look.
Nymphaea 'Blue Spider'

Nymphaea 'Blue Spider' got it's name from the pattern of mottling on the leaf. It has a spider web appearance with red streaks across the green pad.
Nymphaea 'Blue Spider' was a chance seedling and was released to the trade in 1995, our first original hybrid. This tropical waterlily is still very popular in the industry today.
Nymphaea 'Blue Spider' is unique because of the unusual mottling on the pads.
Tropical Waterlily Blue Spider

Nymphaea 'Bull's Eye'

Nymphaea 'Bull's Eye's' flower color is the real eye-catcher on this tropical waterlily. The red color is deeper or more of a true red than any other tropical waterlily on the market today. This flower will catch your eye from quite a distance away. Set on a vigorous, compact plant with solid green pads we expect this waterlily will be well received.  Over 70 petals will adorn the flower at its maximum size. This is one of the most exciting waterlilies to hit the market as it will be available in the 2010 season. The closest comparison with N. 'Bull's Eye' would be N. 'Charlie's Pride' however the flower color of N. 'Bull's Eye' is darker than N. 'Charlie's Pride' and the flower has many more petals, up to 70 when mature.

N. Bull's Eye flower and pad

Nymphaea 'Carla's Sonshine'

The naming of Nymphaea 'Carla's Sonshine' is an interesting story. Florida Aquatic Nursery gave the IWGS the right to auction off the naming of the waterlily as a fund raising event. Greg Witstock was the highest bidder for the right to name the tropical waterlily. Greg's wife Carla decided to name the lily Nymphaea 'Carla's Sonshine' after her sons, hence the unusual spelling of the word sonshine. We thought it was a terrific name benefiting of such a beautiful plant.
Nymphaea 'Carla's Sonshine' was hybridized in 2003 and released to the trade in 2004. It is a cross between an unnamed hybrid and N. 'Trail Blazer'. The unnamed tropical waterlily hybrid was a cross between N. 'Albert Greenberg' and N. 'Josephine'.
This waterlily is unique because it is the only viviparous yellow waterlily on the market today. It has a deep yellow flower with heavily mottled pads and a compact nature which is also unique for tropical yellow hybrids. To create this waterliliy was especially rewarding because their was a long term direct effort to create a yellow viviparous tropical waterlily since none existed. 

Tropical Waterlily Carla's Sonshine

Nymphaea 'Coral Sky'

N. 'Coral Sky' is a great new tropical waterlily.  It is unique because of its flower color. At first glance it looks pink but on closer inspection the color is more autumn than pink. The large flower stands tall and grabs your eye from quite a distance.  It is very full with 40 plus petals. The waterlily is vigorous and compact which allows it to fit in any size water garden.  The pads of Nymphaea 'Coral Sky' are also quite stunning with lively maroon mottling on an olive green pad.

Tropical Waterlily Coral Sky
Nymphaea 'Florida Star'

The name Nymphaea 'Florida Star' was inspired by the star shaped flower, and we wanted to celebrate the state of Florida, the state in which we live and work.
Nymphaea 'Florida Star' was released to the trade in 1999 and first shown at the IWGS convention at Missouri Botanic Gardens in St. Louis, Missouri.
Nymphaea 'Florida Star' is is a cross between Nymphaea 'Crystal and Nymphaea 'Trail Blazer'. It was released to the trade in 2000
The tropical waterlily is unique because it is the only strongly viviparous white lily with solid green pads.

Tropical Waterlily Florida Star

Nymphaea 'Hot Pink'

Second Best Tropical Waterlily 2009

Nymphaea 'Hot Pink' won Second Best Tropical Waterlily for 2009 in the annual IWGS new waterlily competition.  Fluorescent pink flowers with over 50 petals similar in color to Nymphaea ‘Miami Rose’ sit high above colorful pads. The flowers are a full cup shape and will stand out from quite a distance among other waterlilies. Nymphaea ‘Hot Pink’ displays nicely mottled green and purple pads that help to contribute to the overall beauty of this waterlily. A wonderful medium sized waterlily Nymphaea ‘Hot Pink' is ideal for any sized pond or water garden.

Nymphaea 'Hot Pink'

Nymphaea 'Innocence'

Nymphaea 'Innocence' was given the name because of the pure white color of it's flower.
Nymphaea 'Innocence' was hybridized in 2003 and released to the trade in 2004. The cross was made between an unnamed hybrid and Nymphaea 'Trail Blazer'.  Interestingly enough the waterlily came from the same seed pod as Nymphaea 'Carla's Sonshine'.
The waterlily is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it is a strongly viviparous white tropical lily with heavily mottled leaves. Most important is the uniquely large, pure white flower that stands high above the water on an extremely robust stalk. The pads are beautifully mottled with heavy maroon blotches on a green background.

Tropical Waterlily Innocence

Nymphaea 'Islamorada'

Nymphaea 'Islamorada' was given the name because it reminded us of one of our favorite fishing spots, Islamorada in the Florida Keys. The Spanish translation means purple island which we felt fit the unique flower rather well.
Nymphaea 'Islamorada' was hybridized in 1998. It is a cross between Nymphaea micrantha and Nymphaea stellata. The Nymphaea stellata used was a very dark purple form that we selected out and set aside. The Nymphaea micrantha was the white form with no mottling on the leaves.
Nymphaea 'Islamorada' created quite a lot of interest when we released it in 1998. It is unique for two reasons. Firstly, because of the white spots in it's purple flower and secondly because of it's highly viviparous nature. It is more strongly viviparous that any other hybrid tropical waterlily and resembles Nymphaea micrantha in this characteristic.

Tropical Waterlily Islamorada

Nymphaea 'Josephine'

Nymphaea 'Josephine' was named after Joe Tomocik's greenhouse manager's mother. We historically send  waterlilies to Joe at Denver Botanic Gardens to grow for a summer for further testing before being released to the trade . Joe liked the waterlily and asked if he could name it. We think Nymphaea 'Josephine' is a great name for the waterlily.
Nymphaea 'Josephine' was a chance seedling however we are quite sure that the tropical waterlily Nymphaea 'Paul Stetson was one of the parents. It was released to the trade in 1998.
Nymphaea 'Josephine' is unique in that when released it was one of only two viviparous white waterlilies on the market at that time. It was the only white viviparous waterlily with green pads. It's a relatively small lily with a cup shaped flower that would be great for decorative containers or small water gardens.

TRopical Waterlily Josephine

Nymphaea 'Kathy McLane'

Nymphaea 'Kathy McLane' was named after Bruce McLane's wife, Kathy. After hybridizing so many waterlilies over the years Bruce obviously thought this particular lily was very special to warrant his wife's name!
Nymphaea 'Kathy McLane' was a chance seedling and was released to the trade in 2003.
Nymphaea 'Kathy McLane' is unique because of it's rosy red flower that displays 48 petals at maturity. The mottling on the pads exhibits a pleasingly sharp contrast between a green background and deep maroon streaks.

Tropical Waterlily Kathy McLane
Nymphaea 'Key Largo'

Nymphaea 'Key Largo' was named after Key Largo, Florida. The rich lavender color reminded us of the beautiful flowers seen in this part of the Florida Keys. 
Nymphaea 'Key Largo' is a chance seedling and was released to the trade in 2001. 
Nymphaea 'Key Largo' is unique in that it is one of the very few truly lavender colored tropical waterlilies on the market today and it is much deeper lavender color than any of the others. It's uniquely mottled pads sets it further apart from all other lilies.

Tropical Waterlily Key Largo

Nymphaea 'Key Lime'
Best Medium Tropical Waterlily 2001
Nymphaea 'Key Lime" won best new medium waterlily of the year at the IWGS waterlily competition held at Chicago Botanic Gardens in 2000.
The name Nymphaea 'Key Lime' was inspired by our favorite lime which is used extensively throughout the Florida Keys both for making key lime pies and cocktails.
Nymphaea 'Key Lime' was a cross between Nymphaea 'Crystal' and Nymphaea 'Trail Blazer'. It was released to the trade in 2001.
Nymphaea 'Key Lime' is unique  because  it's foliage is heavily mottled, something no other tropical yellow waterlily had in common. It's mottling is much different than Nymphaea 'Eldorado'. The flower is held high above the water and is quite large. 

Tropical Waterlily Key Lime
Nymphaea 'Miami Rose'

The name Nymphaea 'Miami Rose' was inspired by it's rose red color and it's Miami style flare.
Nymphaea 'Miami Rose' was a cross between the tropical waterlily Nymphaea 'Ruby' and the tropical waterlily Nymphaea 'Renegade' . It was released to the trade in 1999.
Nymphaea 'Miami Rose' is unique in every characteristic. It's flower is a full star with more than 50 petals when mature. It's foliage is uniquely mottled and it is a vigorous grower and bloomer. This waterlily is truly one of our all time favorites and is very popular.
Tropical Waterlily Miami Rose
Nymphaea 'Moonbeam'

The name Nymphaea 'Moonbeam' was inspired by the soft hues of yellow and blue that reminded us of a moonbeam on a summer night.
Nymphaea 'Moonbeam' was a chance seedling and was released to the trade in 2005.
Nymphaea 'Moonbeam' is unique because of the flower color and shape. The delicate hues of blue fading into yellow is soothing. The petals have an inward curve more advanced than most flowers giving it some texture. Set on a background of lush green pads this tropical waterlily is truly unique.

Tropical Waterlily Moonbeam

Nymphaea 'Moondance'

Best New Medium or Large Hardy Waterlily 2001
Nymphaea 'Moondance' won the best new medium or large hardy waterlily category in The IWGS New Waterlily competition in 2001.
Nymphaea 'Moondance' has an interesting history. Walter Pagels and the late Paul Stetson would come by to visit once a year. On their visit in 1999 my brother Bruce and I volunteered to take them to Lake Okeechobee in search of natural waterlily hybrids between Nymphaea odorata and Nymphaea mexicana, both of which have large natural colonies in parts of the Lake. We found several that day, one of which was Nymphaea 'Moondance'
Nymphaea 'Moondance' is unique because of it's extremely large creamy white flowers that are held high above the water. It's pads are lightly flecked in a unique way. This is a large lily that blooms profusely for a hardy waterlily.

N. Moon Dance

Nymphaea 'Moon Shadow' 

Nymphaea 'Moon Shadow' derived it's name from the soft pastel colors of the flower that reminded us of a moonlit night.
Nymphaea 'Moon Shadow' was a cross between Nymphaea 'Trail Blazer' and an unknown tropical waterlily hybrid. It was released to the trade in 1999.
Nymphaea 'Moonbeam' is unique because of the color of the flower. Only Nymphaea 'Green Smoke' had a similar color at time of release, however  the pads of Nymphaea 'Moon Shadow' are a lush green color which is much different than Nymphaea 'Green Smoke'.
Tropical Waterlily Moon Shadow
Nymphaea 'Pink Champagne'

The name Nymphaea 'Pink Champagne' was inspired by the clear pink color of the flower.
Nymphaea 'Pink Champagne is a chance seedling and was released to the trade in 1998.
Nymphaea 'Pink Champagne' is unique in all ways. The flower is a very clear pink and was different from any other tropical waterlily in the trade in 1998. The foliage is also unique in the multicolored mottling on the egg shaped pads.
N. Pink Champagne
Nymphaea 'Pink Passion'

The name Nymphaea 'Pink Passion' was inspired by the color of the large, full pink/orange flower. Nymphaea 'Pink Passion' was a chance seedling and was released to the trade in 1999. Nymphaea 'Pink Passion is unique because of the large pink flower that contains more than 50 petals when mature. The pink color is also somewhat unique. Nymphaea 'Pink Passion is a vigorous tropical waterlily and a prolific bloomer.
Tropical Waterlily Pink Passion

Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy'

2013 IWGS First Place New Waterlily

2013 IWGS Best New Tropical Waterlily

2013 IWC WWALA First Place Tropical Waterlily

2013 IWC WWALA Best New Tropical Waterlily

Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' does not burn or wilt in the hot summer sun, has longer and thinner petals, and produces larger flowers.  Most days Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' has at least two flowers open and often will have three flowers open. Not only is the flower spectacular, but the foliage is quite stunning also. Green lily pads striped with maroon make for an attractive appearance in the event that there aren't any flowers open. Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' has a nice compact rosette of leaves and won't spread over your entire water garden.  It is a medium sized tropical waterlily with an overall spread of four to six feet.

Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' - Plum Crazy Tropical Waterlily
Nymphaea 'Rose Bowl'

The name Nymphaea 'Rose Bowl' was inspired by the rose color and the cup shaped flower. Nymphaea 'Rose Bowl' was a cross between the tropical night blooming waterlily Nymphaea 'Red Cup' and the tropical night blooming waterlily Nymphaea spontanea. It was released to the trade in 2000. Nymphaea 'Rose Bowl' is unique in the fact that rose colored flower never opens completely so it forms a cup. No other pink night blooming tropical waterlily has a flower that forms a cup like Nymphaea 'Rose Bowl'.
N. Rose Bowl

Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame'

Best New Tropical Waterlily 2011

First Place People's Choice Award

Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' is an exciting new red tropical waterlily with an outstanding flower. The most unique characteristic of 'Scarlet Flame' is the amount of petals in its flower making it resemble a Dahlia or Zinnia flower. The closest waterlily to compare this to is Nymphaea 'King of Siam', but unlike 'King of Siam' the flower petals don't melt in the hot sun. Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' was entered in the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society's New Waterlily Contest in 2011 and came away with honors for the Best New Tropical Waterlily. 'Scarlet Flame' will be available in 2013.
Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' Waterlily

Nymphaea 'Southern Charm'

Second Place People's Choice Award 2007

Nymphaea 'Southern Charm' won 2nd place in the peoples choice award in 2007 at the IWGS new waterlily competition at Sarah P. Duke Gardens (see article on website). The name Nymphaea 'Southern Charm' was inspired by our southern heritage and such a charming plant!
Nymphaea 'Southern Charm' was a chance tropical waterlily seedling and was released to the trade in 2007.
N. 'Southern Charm' is unique because of it's unusual flower color. The blue fused with yellow created a color that is not represented in waterlilies. The beautifully mottled pads and the vigor this plant shows makes it a truly unique lily.

Tropical Waterlily Southern Charm
Nymphaea 'Stan Skinger'

Nymphaea 'Stan Skinger' was named after Stan Skinger of Denver Colorado. Stan was a friend and volunteer at Denver Botanic Gardens.
Nymphaea 'Stan Skinger' was a cross between the tropical waterlily Nymphaea 'Golden West' and the tropical waterlily Nymphaea 'Trail Blazer' and was released to the trade in 2006.
Nymphaea 'Stan Skinger' is unique because of it's flower color and it's pads. The flower is yellow when the plant is young but at maturity the color turns to an orange, similar to golden west. The pads are heavily mottled with maroon streaks on a green background.
Tropical Waterlily Stan Skinger
Nymphaea 'Sulphurea Okeechobee'

The name Nymphaea 'Sulphurea Okeechobee'  was inspired by the area that this plant was collected from, Lake Okeechobee and that it is a cross between Nymphaea odorata and Nymphaea mexicana. It was collected by Dr. David Sutton from a medium sized stand of hardy waterlilies he observed in the Lake.
Nymphaea 'Sulphurea Okeechobee' was a natural cross between Nymphaea odorata and Nymphaea mexicana. It was released to the trade in 2000.
Nymphaea 'Sulphurea Okeechobee' is unique in the fact that their were no yellow hardy waterlilies with the unique coloring on its pads in the trade at the time of release. It is also smaller than Nymphaea 'Sulphurea'. 

N. sulphurea 'Okeechobee'

Nymphaea 'Tanzanite'

Best New Waterlily 2009

Best New Tropical Waterlily 2009

Peoples Choice Award 2009

Nymphaea ‘Tanzanite’ is an exciting new tropical waterlily and the Best New Waterlily of 2009 as awarded by the IWGS in the annual ne waterlily competition.  The flower is the deepest violet purple of all the current tropical waterlilies, even more so than, Nymphaea ‘Ultra Violet’. It has a bright gold center and over 50 petals which add to the attraction. Not only is the flower excellent, but the pads of this waterlily are beautifully mottled with bright green and purple stripes. Tanzanite is a very vigorous waterlily and a prolific bloomer.  It typically has more than one flower open each day. The compact growth habit helps to keep this plant medium sized and is ideal for any pond or water garden including containers. Nymphaea ‘Tanzanite’ is truly an eye catching tropical waterlily.

Nymphaea Tanzanite

Nymphaea 'Tropic Punch'

2012 IWGS First Place Tropical Waterlily

2012 IWGS Best New Waterlily Overall

2012 IWC WWALA First Place Waterlily Overall

2012 IWC WWALA Best Tropical Waterlily

We are excited to be able to bring the award winning tropical waterlily Nymphaea 'Tropic Punch' to the market so rapidly. Tropic Punch excels with its very large red flower held high above a strikingly striped lily pad.  The flower is unlike any other tropical waterlily flower on the market today with its unique shape.  It has over 130 actual petals!  Tropic Punch is a great medium sized tropical waterlily that will fit into any pond or water garden.  No matter where you live this will be a stand out waterlily for years to come!

Tropical Waterlily Nymphaea Tropic Punch

Nymphaea 'Tropic Sunset'

Nymphaea ‘Tropic Sunset’ represents a true breakthrough in Tropical Waterlilies. It is the only viviparous tropical waterlily that exhibits an autumn flower color on the market today. Nymphaea ‘Tropic Sunset’ displays beautiful autumn flowers that reminds us of a sunset at the beach. Over 30 petals make this one of the highest petal counts for an autumn flowering tropical waterlily. It also has mottled pads different from any other autumn tropical waterlily on the market. Nymphaea ‘Tropic Sunset’ is an excellent addition to any water garden or pond.

Tropical Waterlily Nymphaea 'Tropic Sunset'

Nymphaea 'Ultra Violet'

Best New Waterlily 2008

Best New Tropical Waterlily 2008

People's Choice Award Winner 2008

N. 'Ultra Violet' was the Best New Waterlily for 2008 as awarded by the IWGS in the annual new waterlily competition.  It is unique because it's flowers are deep purple, darker than Director Moore. The darkest purple on the market at the time. The flower stands tall and consist of 70 petals which gives it the unique fullness. The pads are maroon color with slight splashes of lighter red. This is a great tropical waterlily that will grab your attention from quite a distance in any water garden. 

Tropical Waterlily Ultra Violet

Nymphaea 'Valentine'

Second Best Tropical Waterlily 2011

Nymphaea 'Valentine' is an interesting new waterlily from the Nymphaea 'Bull's Eye' line.  The intention with this waterlily was to create a 'Bull's Eye' with a mottled pad. Instead we ended up with a pink colored flower and a mottled pad hence the name Nymphaea 'Valentine'. The plant has the high petal count of Nymphaea 'Bull's Eye' with a wonderfully mottled pad. Nymphaea 'Valentine is sure to be popular with customers who like Nymphaea 'Queen of Siam' and Nymphaea 'Evelyn Randig' but want a larger fuller flower. Nymphaea 'Valentine' was entered in the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society's New Waterlily Contest in 2011 and came away with the honors for Second Best Tropical Waterlily.
Nymphaea 'Valentine' Waterlily

Nymphaea 'Virginia McLane'

Second Best Tropical Waterlily 2008

Not to be out done N. 'Virginia McLane' is also a spectacular waterlily.  It has a bright red flower with a golden center. The flower is one the deepest red on the market today similar in color to Nymphaea 'Bull's Eye'.  Its pads are mottled with maroon and green making for a stunning plant overall.  It must have been a tough choice for the judges who awarded this plant as the Second Best New Tropical Waterlily for 2008. 

Tropical Waterlily Virginia McLane
N. 'White Lightning'

Nymphaea 'White Lightning' was named for it's white flower and it's streaking pattern of mottling on it's leaf.
Nymphaea 'White Lightning' was a chance seedling with one of it's parents being Nymphaea capensis var. zanzibariensis.
Nymphaea 'White Lightning' is unique in all ways. It's flower with long slender white petals is different than other white tropical lilies. Its deep green pads with the unique streaking on them is also very different from other plants. 
TRopical Waterlily White Lightning

N. 'William McLane'

Best New Waterlily 1997

Banksian Medal Award Winner

Best Medium Tropical Waterlily

Nymphaea 'William McLane' was awarded the Banksian Medal as the best new waterlily of the year in 1997 by the IWGS. The contest was held at Denver Botanic gardens and had 50 new waterlilies competing.
Nymphaea 'William McLane' was named after our founder Dr. William McLane. We knew this lily was special from the day we discovered it in one of our production tanks. This fact was confirmed by the IWGS.
Nymphaea 'William McLane' was a cross between Nymphaea 'Green Smoke' and and unknown tropical waterlily. It was released to the trade in 1998
Nymphaea 'William McLane' is unique in all ways from it's large deep blue flower to it's egg shaped pads. The flower is large with up to 48 petals at maturity. The deep blue color can turn to deep purple under certain conditions like cooler temperatures. The pads are heavily mottled with large blotches of maroon on a green background. The waterlily itself is vigorous and is one of the first lilies to grow in the spring. We are especially proud of this tropical waterlily which is obvious by the name we have given it.

Tropical Waterlily William McLane

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