Micro propagation, commonly know as tissue culture is used to produce many plants from a single plant. The process involves taking a small piece of a plant, sterilizing it to remove all pathogens, and planting it in a nutrient rich gel inside a container. The plant is then allowed to multiply in a climate controlled laboratory and can then be divided to make numerous plants identical to the original plant.

Tissue culture has many advantages over normal propagation methods. Those advantages are, the ability to produce many plants from a single plant, the ability to produce disease and pest free plants and the production of many plants in a relatively small area (a laboratory). Another advantage is that no pesticides are used.

Tissue culture has been commonly used to produce terrestrial plants for the nursery trade for many years. It has also found a home in the aquatic trade as many of our crypts, anubias and swords have been produced by tissue culture since the mid 80’s.

Now, for the first time, Tissue culture plants are being offered to the hobbyist. The advantages of tissue culture plants for the hobbyist are numerous. Although tissue culture plants may not be right for the novice hobbyist, advanced hobbyist will find tissue culture plants irreplaceable. The plants are easy to transport, they do not need to be planted the same day you purchase them and they are disease free, snail free and algae free!

The pictures below show the preparation process for planted aquarium tanks using our Tissue Culture plants:









**Pictures courtesy of Karen Randall, Experienced Aquarist and Photographer.




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