Florida Aquatic Nurseries Wins Best New Tropical Waterlily For The Fourth Straight Year With

Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame'

Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' Waterlily

Florida Aquatic Nurseries wins two awards at the annual International Waterlily and Water Garden Societies New Waterlily Contest.  Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' takes the honors as the Best New Tropical Waterlily for 2011 and Nymphaea 'Valentine' is the Second Best New Tropical Waterlily for 2011.  The IWGS waterlily competition was full of new and exciting entries this year with waterlilies in 5 categories; Tropical Day Blooming, Tropical Night Blooming, Hardy, Australian and Intersubgeneric.  Waterlilies were entered into the IWGS contest from around the world from places like Thailand, Cyprus, Canada, and the United States. The competition for top honors was tough with so many great choices.

For the fourth year in a row Florida Aquatic Nurseries takes the honors for the Best New Tropical Waterlily at the IWGS contest.  The past winners from FAN were Nymphaea 'Bimini Twist' 2010, Nymphaea 'Tanzanite' 2009, and Nymphaea 'Ultra Violet' 2008.  Hybridizing so many new and interesting waterlilies is not an easy task with many hours of hard work and dedication going into the production of each new waterlily.  We were very fortunate to win the top honors in the tropical waterlily category for the past few years and will continue to produce exciting new waterlily hybrids for the future.  Our goal is to produce exceptional new waterlily hybrids that are very unique and will be popular waterlily varieties in the water gardening industry for years to come.

Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' is awarded the Best New Tropical Waterlily for 2011 by the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society.  When we hybridized Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame' several years ago, we could tell that it was going to be an excellent plant even from a young stage.  Its first flowers demonstrated that the petal count was going to be extremely high in this plant, and it has been exciting to watch it mature and divide.  N. 'Scarlet Flame' is one of our exceptional new tropical waterlily hybrids with a scarlet red flower and green pads.  The most striking feature of this plant is its bright red flower with the number of petals and shape making it resemble a zinnia flower.  The closest comparison would be Nymphaea 'King of Siam', a tropical waterlily with a high number of petals in its purple flower.  Nymphaea 'Scarlet Flame'  will be a stand out in any pond or water garden.

Nymphaea 'Valentine' took the honors for Second Best Tropical Waterlily.  Bright pink flowers that are similar in shape and petal count to Nymphaea 'Bull's Eye' make for a stand out addition to the pink tropical waterlilies already on the market.  Heavily mottled maroon and green pads help to compliment the plant and make it different from other lilies in the water garden.  Imagine having Nymphaea 'Queen of Siam' or Nymphaea 'Evelyn Randig' but with lots and lots of additional petals on the flower. Nymphaea 'Valentine' will be one of the top selling pink waterlilies in the future.  See the photos below courtesy of Tamara Kilbane.

Look for these exciting new additions to be available in Spring of 2013

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Nymphaea 'Valentine' Waterlily                   Nymphaea 'Valentine' Waterlily
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