Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy'

Best New Waterlily of 2013

Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' - Plum Crazy Tropical Waterlily                   Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' - Plum Crazy Tropical Waterlily

     For the sixth straight year Florida Aquatic Nurseries has been awarded the honor of Best New Tropical Waterlily at the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society's annual New Waterlily Contest.  Not only was Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' awarded the Best New Tropical Waterlily of 2013, it was given the highest honors of Best New Waterlily of 2013 beating the other competitors from all over the globe and in all four different waterlily categories.


     What makes this tropical waterlily so special?  The flower is exceptionally full of petals and the purple color is quite eye catching.  Not many waterlilies on the market have such a full flower.  With over 100 petals you can see that this waterlily will stand out from quite a distance in any water garden.  Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' most closely resembles the tropical waterlily Nymphaea 'King of Siam' in its flower shape.  It differs from Nymphaea 'King of Siam' in several ways.  Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' does not burn or wilt in the hot summer sun, has longer and thinner petals, and produces larger flowers.  Most days Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' has at least two flowers open and often will have three flowers open. 


     Not only is the flower spectacular, but the foliage is quite stunning also. Green lily pads striped with maroon make for an attractive appearance in the event that there aren't any flowers open.  The lily pads most closely resemble those of another Florida Aquatic Nurseries hybrid, Nymphaea 'Blue Spider'.  Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' has a nice compact rosette of leaves and won't spread over your entire water garden.  It is a medium sized tropical waterlily with an overall spread of four to six feet.


     Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' has been tested in several different climate environments.  We have tested it for two years here at Florida Aquatic Nurseries in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and it has proven to be a very vigorous grower. This tropical waterlily is quick to grow to blooming size and often displays multiple flowers in a day.  Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy' has also been grown in much cooler climates like Denver, Co where the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society's contest was held.  It proved to be an excellent grower in Denver also producing multiple blooms in a day and having excellent rosette of pads.


     Years of hard work go into making a new waterlily hybrid at Florida Aquatic Nurseries.  From the time a plant is actually entered into a contest to the time the original cross was made usually takes at least two years.  The original cross is made with a goal in mind and for this plant the goal was to make a high petal count purple tropical waterlily.  We were successful in this goal.  In addition we were able to add some nice foliage to the plant also by crossing a high petal count plant from our gene pool with another plant that exhibited excellent pads and growth habit.  After the plant was chosen for its original seedling potential we then grew it out to full size for two years to see how it performed in the different seasons.  Passing our tests against many other Florida Aquatic Nurseries hybrids here at our facilities it was time to enter it in the contest.  We are very honored with the results, Best New Waterlily for 2013.

We look forward to a release date of Spring 2015 for Nymphaea 'Plum Crazy'.  We currently have over 100 plants which should allow us to fill all orders placed for 2015.  It is always exciting to bring such an exceptional tropical waterlily to the market so quickly after its debut in the contests.

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