Egeria densa

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Anacharis, Brazilian Elodea


South America


5.5 - 8


Stem Plant




Bunch Plant

Egeria densa


Egeria densa is one of the most popular aquarium plants in the trade. Commonly sold under the trade name of Anacharis, Egeria densa can tolerate a wide range of conditions in the aquarium making it ideal for all levels of aquatic enthusiasts.  Dark green colored leaves and stems give Egeria densa a very lush appearance.  Egeria densa has been naturalized in rivers of many parts of the Southeast United States for some time and is typically wild collected for the trade from those areas.  Being a tropical plant from South America Egeria Densa is not a threat to the Northern areas.  Egeria densa is also used in the water garden trade as an oxygenating plant for ponds and water gardens.  Anacharis provides shade and shelter for fish in water gardens and also allows them a place to lay their eggs and hide as juveniles. To read more about Egeria densa click on the link below.

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