Echinodorus 'Frans Stoffels'

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Medium - High

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Mid - Background

Potted or Bare Root


Echinodorus ‘Frans Stoffels’ is a strikingly beautiful and unique new sword plant. In the submersed form it has wide light green leaves that undulate slightly. The new leaves have a maroon blush to them that add to the overall appearance. This is a fast grower and obtains a large size rather quickly in the aquarium. It flowers well both submerged and emerged. In the submerged form the flower stalks are sent above the water. These infloresences are covered with large delicate white flowers and plantlets form rather quickly thereafter. In the emersed form the aquatic plant is almost equally attractive. The leaves are green with maroon veins emanating from the bottom upward. These maroon portions are wider than the vein which gives this aquarium plants its attractive and unique look. The maroon color disappears as the leaf matures. E. ‘Frans Stoffels is a strong and  fast grower in the emersed form. It flowers readily and produces many plantlets.  This aquarium plant was hybridized by Thomas Kaliebe of Germany. It should be available by June, 2010

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