Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset'

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Cryptocoryne Florida Sunset




6 - 8                       







Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset'


Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset' will be released to the aquarium trade for the first time in very limited quantities starting in January 2009.  This plant was first selected in 2006 and since then we have worked with it to pick only the best specimens to increase our stock.  It has taken three years and plenty of patience before we were ready to release this plant.  Never before in the Aquarium industry has a single plant displayed as many different colors as Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset' with colors ranging from many pink shades to white and golden mixed with green.  This plant is a selection from Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya'  and shares the same easy to grow traits as its parent.  Medium to high light light will help to make the leaf colors brighter but this plant will flourish under all lighting conditions.  No two plants are exactly the same, so having multiple plants in a group will give you many different color combinations.  Whether you are looking to add color to your aquascape or need a new plant to experiment with, this is a must have aquarium plant for everyone. Availability for Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset' will increase over time.

                                           Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset'                                                             Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset' flower

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