FAN produces a line of what we sell as Mother Pots. These are mature plants grown to their maximum size and are utilized in the largest aquariums. Various species of Echindorus and Anubias are produced in Mother Pots; see our availability list for the species available at any given time.

The term Mother Pot is derived from the fact that these plants are mature enough to produce young. The bloom stalks with the young plants attached are left on the Mother Pot to enhance its appearance. Once these plants are submersed not only does the Mother plant bust out with new growth but so does the bloom stalk full of young plants.  This forms an instant specimen plant that would take many months to grow in your home aquaria. The Anubias Mother pots do not produce bloom stalks but rather produce flowers and seeds only.


  Amazon Sword

Oriental Sword

  Ozelot Sword

   Anubias Hastifolia

  Anubias Nancon

   Anubias Nangi



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