Florida Aquatic Nurseries Releases Two New Aquarium Plants

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset'                                            Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset'                                  Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden'

Florida Aquatic Nurseries is excited to release two new aquatic plants to the aquarium trade in 2009. Both share the common element of adding color to the planted aquarium. Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset' has multicolored leaves ranging in colors from pink to green. Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' has brightly colored gold leaves with a hot pink stem.

Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’ is an eye catching aquarium plant. Each leaf exhibits a rainbow of colors ranging from the normal brown to white, pink, and red. It also has the nice characteristic of being easy to grow, similar to Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Mi Oya’. Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset' is a sport from the aquarium plant Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya' and shares many of its good characteristics.
Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Mi Oya’ is native to Sri Lanka and more specifically the Mi river system (Mi Oya means Mi river). It is a mainstay in the Cryptocoryne line of aquarium plants at this point both in the US and Europe. It is easy to propagate, grows quickly, and can handle a large range in water quality, making for an excellent aquarium plant. It obtains a rather large size for a Cryptocoryne wendtii type reaching 12 inches (30 cent.) or more under ideal condition in the submersed form. The plant is equally happy under emersed conditions or submersed conditions. Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset' shares all of these great qualities as well as the colorful foliage.
Most hobbyist are familiar with Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Mi Oya’ because it has been in the aquarium trade for a long time, at least 30 years in the United States. Commercial aquarium plant growers imported this plant directly from exporters in Sri Lanka in the past but new regulations in the country make it impossible to collect wild aquatic plants there at the present time.
Although Cryptocorynes can be easily propagated by vegetative means most of the larger growers in the United States and Europe use Micropropagation as a source for  aquatic plant material these days. It was this method that brought us the variegated form of Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya' that we named Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset ’. Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’ differs from most other variegated forms of plants. Rather than simply brown and white many different colors blend across each leaf. Bright reds and pinks really add to this beautiful variegation. The variegation is attractive in both the submersed form and the emersed form in this aquatic plant, but reaches its peak beauty in the submersed form.
Many variegated forms of plants don’t grow as well as the parent for but this is not the case in Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’. This particular aquarium plant is a vigorous grower and reproduces profusely. Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset ’ does revert back to the parent form readily so it must be selected constantly to keep the variegated form alive. This is similar to many other forms of variegated plants like Echinodorus cordifolius ‘Tropica Marble Queen’ or Gymnocoronis ‘Variegatus’. Because of this, it has taken several years starting with only one plant to produce the numbers we need for the open market.
For the Aquarist, Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset ’ is a wonderful aquatic plant. It can grow under most lighting conditions (from low to high), most water conditions (soft - hard), and a wide range of temperatures. This alone makes the plant a must have for every aquarium. But when you add the striking variety of leaf colors on one plant alone, this truly makes it a very special addition to the aquarium. You can use it as a single specimen plant or plant it in groups. Every level of Aquarist from the beginner to the advanced should enjoy and be able grow Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’.

Nesaea pedicellata has been around for many years in the aquarium trade, although not very easy to find in the United States. It is native to West Africa and has yellowish green colored leaves with brown stems. Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' was discovered as a variegated sport of the aquatic plant Nesaea pedicellata. After growing and selecting the stems, a solid gold form was identified and named Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden'. Unlike its parent, Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' is extremely eye catching with bright gold leaves and a hot pink stem helping to stand out in the planted aquaria against all of the other aquatic plants.

Nesaea pedicellata is native to west Africa and is relatively easy to grow in an aquarium. It tolerates both hard or soft water and prefers a temperature between 70 and 78 degrees. It prefers medium to high lighting and a nutritious substrate. Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' shares these characteristics which make it a nice colorful addition to any aquarium. There are very few gold colored plants in the aquarium trade so the addition of Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' will help aquascapers around the world to add more color and diversity to their planted aquariums.


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